Laura White
Laura White

100 years on from the culmination of World War One it’s fitting that one of the headline films for this year’s festival is War Above the Trenches.

This is a documentary that helps gain an insight into the fights amongst the clouds in what is thought of as a heavily trench-based war. Speaking to The Moorlander, Stephen Saunders revealed that the storytelling aim was to portray the un-celebrated airmen flying wearisome and ponderous missions over enemy territory.

Rather than chosing the flying Aces who are usually in the spotlight in regards to fighter pilots during the Two World Wars, Stephen wanted to concentrate on a small group of elite men who went flying every day, knowing they may never return, risking their lives to help guide the artillery forces to their targets. The film is adapted from the book Bloody April written by historian Peter Hart. It helps give an understanding of the dogfights, aerial reconnaissance and bombing missions that took place, and the struggle for superiority over the Western Front. Stephen will be doing a Q&A following the screening.

Oscar winner Chris Dickens will be a special guest at this years festival. Chris is an award-winning editor and has edited an eclectic group of major films varying from Les Misérables, to Hot Fuzz and Slumdog Millionaire, winning an Academy Award and BAFTA for the latter.

On Friday 28th Chris will be talking about editing before introducing one of his films; Suite Francaise, starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Michelle
Williams, as well as doing a Q&A afterwards.

Suite Francaise is a story of love, power and tragedy telling the story of how the wife of a PoW in France develops a relationship with a German officer.

Sticking to the theme of Academy Award winners, The Silent Child will be shown at The Globe on Wednesday evening.

It is a very hard-hitting true story about a profoundly deaf girl who is born into a world of silence, until a caring social worker teaches her the gift of communication. It’s based on a girl named Libby who grew up in rural England just outside Plymouth. The Silent Child won the 2018 Academy Award for best live action short film.

One of the classic films for this years edition of the annual film festival is Brief Encounter, the 1945 British romance about the doomed love affair between a Doctor and a housewife after a chance meeting on a train platform.

Mary French, one of the founders of the Film Festival, was recorded saying how “Over the years the festival has gone from strength to strength, we have had many dedicated people on the committee each giving up their time, talent and energy completely free. Without all these people the festival would never happen.”

Also, that the aim of the week-long festival is to have fun as well as bringing in much needed investment into the local economy.

The Chagford Film Festival runs from the 24th -29th September. Details available at www.chagfordfilmfestival.com

Tickets from The Globe or Sally’s Newsagents.

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