Adorable New otter pups seek sponsors

Laura White
Laura White

Dartmoor Zoo’s Asian small-clawed otters Jasmin and Matty, made babies in October, four to be precise: three male and one female. Now the family of six is settling well and needing a new home.

The zoo on Dartmoor is a conservation charity and is asking local businesses to help out by sponsoring an otter pup, giving it a name and a new home.

Mum Jasmin came from Tamar Otter Sanctuary where she was born, and Matty from Newquay Zoo. They flourished as a monogamous pair and soon began to get quite cute together, producing this litter a couple of months ago.

Coral Jonas, deputy CEO, commented: “Here at Dartmoor Zoo our priority is to educate and inspire the general public about wildlife conservation and improve captive animal management by providing a safe environment for animals under threat in the wild.

‘This is particularly prominent in this case as we’ve successfully bred four Asian small-clawed otters despite their vulnerability in the wild.”

Local businesses can sponsor one of Dartmoor Zoo’s baby otters, which will include picking their name. Sponsoring an otter provides worthy funds to build the otter family a brand-new home by their pond and making sure their enclosure is suitable for the four new arrivals and parents, Jasmin and Matty.

If you would like to sponsor an otter, please contact Julie Cater:, 01752837645.

Two businesses have already come forward to sponsor an otter each. Both Thomas Westcott Chartered Accountants and Otter Brewery have come forward to donate and support the young Dartmoor Zoo otter family.  The Otter Brewery have named their baby otter Tarka, after their premium lager. Thomas Westcott Chartered Accountants will also be naming an otter in the upcoming weeks. The babies should be making their appearances about now, in time for a Christmas visit during the holidays. The zoo has also acquired two new animal species, but is not saying what they are just yet!

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