‘All the Tors’ challenge to go public

Ross Bryant
Ross Bryant

Last year Emily Woodhouse became the first recorded person to walk to every tor on Dartmoor. Her ‘All the Tor’s’ challenge created a substantial donation for Dartmoor Search and Rescue.

Now, inspired by her trek, Emily plans to make her All the Tors trek a popular Dartmoor challenge.

The challenge consists of visiting the 119 named tors in the main OL28 open access area and can be taken on at any pace, from days to years, with no time restriction.

Emily hopes that the flexible timeframe will encourage people to explore parts of Dartmoor that people may never have visited before.

The All the Tors Challenge was first devised and completed by Emily in September 2018.

She completed it in 10 days, walking solo and self-supported through some abysmal Dartmoor weather.

“After all the effort that went into creating the original challenge, it seemed too good not to share,” said Emily.

“When I set up the fundraiser for the original challenge, I had hoped to raise £5000 for Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Tavistock.

‘At the time I knew that was a bit optimistic, but I guess I’m still an optimist.”

Emily has raised £1719 through her Just Giving page and will continue to give 50% of profits from challenge entrants fees towards Dartmoor Search and Rescue Tavistock. Entry includes a challenge logbook, rucksack badges and certificates for winners, plus all postage.

To take part in the All the Tors Challenge, head to allthetorschallenge.com to register and be sent your logbook. Registration costs £20 which includes:
•    The printed logbook (A5, 24 pages)
•    Postage and packaging to UK
•    Rucksack patch/badge upon
    completion (for ATT Champions)
•    Downloadable certificate
    (for ATT Champions)

“Endurance challenges are becoming very popular and I’m sure someone could complete the round quicker than I did – weather and firing times permitting,” added Emily.

For more information, please contact emily@travellinglines.com or read the information on www.allthetorschallenge.com

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