Ancient Dartmoor Stones Microchipped

Laura White
Laura White

Over the years ancient stones and crosses have been taken off Dartmoor by thieves, so to combat the plunder of Dartmoor riches the Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) have microchipped many of them.

This means if the stones or crosses are stolen from the moor there is a possibility that they can be traced. But it’s not just ancient stones, it is also granite water troughs and mill stones that get stolen and they can be sold for up to £1,000.

Andy Crabb the archaeologist for the
National Park said in a recent interview with Tony Robinson: “A lot of our stones are under threat from theft, especially if they are in an accessible location. We are trying to combat this by putting microchips within the stone, so if they do get stolen we should hopefully track them down.”

All sorts of things get microchipped, for example Dartmoor ponies when they are sold at the yearly sale, dogs, books, car parts and many other products.

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