Chagford Pony Sales

Laura White
Laura White

The annual pony sales took place last week at the Chagford Market with nearly double the amount of ponies for sale as last year.

245 riding ponies, Dartmoor fillies, colts, mares and stallions were auctioned by Rendells.

There is only one pony sale on Dartmoor after the sale in Tavistock finished a few years ago, when the future of the Chagford Pony Sale also looked in doubt.

However it seems to have pulled round with more ponies, more people and more buyers. This annual event brings people from Dartmoor and beyond together and there are always some great characters and faces.

Market Report Chagford Pony Sale
Auctioneers – Rendells, Chagford

Following the successful Pony Sale last year, the 2017 sale saw almost double the number of entries with 213 ponies put through the ring. The sale was very well attended by a large crowd of purchasers and spectators.

Demand for the ponies remained high with 76.52% sold, which is only 3.48% down on last year, despite the higher entry.

This year’s average was £69.45, up £9.77 on the previous year. This was helped by some very strong prices for good spotted fillies and colts, with the trade across the board being more variable and little demand for some of the traditional colts.

The top price was achieved by Mr J Shears for a white and brown spotted filly foal which sold for £357.00.

Leading Prices:
Mr N Burgoyne – Piebald Filly to £315.00, Piebald Filly to £157.50, Bay colt to £157.50.

Mr J Irish – Bay Fillies to £262.50 and £220.50, 10 year Piebald Mares to £105, Bay Mare to £94.50, Cob Type to £84.00, Grey Fillies to £63.00

Mrs H Pearse – Blanket Sport Colt to £199.50, Spotted Yearling Colt to £136.50, Light Grey Filly to £78.75 and Blanket Spot Grey Yearling Filly to £68.25

Mary Alford – White and Brown Spotted Filly to £304.50, Dun Miniature Shetland Filly to £200.00, Spotted Fillies to £168.00, Dun Shetland X Filly to £105.00