Channel 4 at Country Fair

Laura White
Laura White

A Channel 4 television crew were filming at the Chagford Country Fair a couple of weeks ago for a new prime slot programme to be aired in the new year.

The crew from TV production company True North TV have been commissioned to make eight one hour celebratory programmes with the working title ‘Devon and Cornwall’ about the lives of people who live in the region.

The production company have already made a series called Yorkshire Dales and Lakes which is currently on at the prime time of 9pm on Tuesdays. The TV crew were particularly interested in the sale of sheep and poultry and the interesting Dartmoor characters buying and selling.

Melissa Bartlett from the production company True North said: “We are making a brand new observational documentary series for More4 about Devon and Cornwall.

‘We have recently made the second series called ‘The Yorkshire Dales and Lakes’ and off the back of the success of that we have been commissioned to make a similar series, but this time about Devon and Cornwall.

‘We will be telling the stories of local people who live and work in these wonderful places and find out what life is like through their eyes and get a genuine insight into people’s lives.”

An excellent entry of sheep at the annual August Country Fair at Chagford conducted by Rendells saw a very fast trade for store lambs which were keenly sort after by purchasers attracted to the sale from Dorset and Cornwall.

Ewes sold to a top price of £88 for Romney 2T and Jacob 2T for £79. Peter Cole of Copplestone sold 2T Poll Dorset for £86. A nice run of Texels sold to a top of £73, Mule FM sold to £76 and Whiteface Dartmoors sold to £57.
Texel X ewe lambs sold to £61, Mule ewe lambs sold for £56, Jacob ewe lambs sold for £60. Rams from Fred Janes sold to £120.

A larger poultry entry than recent sales saw Lohman Browns selling to £10, Muscovy ducks sold to £10, Brown pullets to £9, Large Sumatra to £10 and Guinea Fowl to £6.

Machinery and sundries attracted an entry of 300 lots and included a Velux window to £70, diesel tank £60, Myrak generator £180, 2-wheel trailer to £165, silage forks to £65, sheep turnover crate £310, cattle trailer £150, 6 horse mats £60,
saddle £21.

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