The peloton begins the ascent up the hill to Challacombe Cross © Mike REgo

Crowds turn out in force for Tour of Britain

Ben Fox
Ben Fox

By Mike Rego

Stage 2 of the Tour of Britain 2021 cycling race saw 18 teams with over 100 competitors racing over 183.9 kilometres starting in Sherford, crossing Dartmoor and finishing in Exeter, in fine weather on Monday 6th September.

The stage was won by the American cyclist Robin Carpenter of Rally Cycling, in a time of 4 hours 45 minutes and 56 seconds, equivalent to an average time of 38.7 kms per hour (24 mph). Despite Carpenter forming a breakaway group of five riders, by the time they had reached Dartmoor they had faded to just three riders some five minutes ahead
of the peloton.

Despite holding this lead over much of Dartmoor, by the finish all of the breakaway group except for Carpenter had faded, with the peloton crossing the finish line only 33 seconds behind. Large crowds turned out to line the route across Dartmoor, enjoying the exceptionally fine September weather. Fortunately, no sheep, cattle or ponies wandered into the path of the cyclists.

The peloton rapidly descending the hill from Jurston Cross – note the sheep grazing contentedly at the roadside, seemingly oblivious to the high-speed avalanche of cyclists passing by within a few feet of them! © Mike REgo / Robin Carpenter crosses the line for the win. © CHRIS GODFREY / Peloton eases its way to the finish line © CHRIS GODFREY / The peloton begins the ascent up the hill to Challacombe Cross © Mike REgo
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