Cuckooing on Dartmoor

Laura White
Laura White

By wildlife photographer John Deakins

I have been a wildlife photographer for about 20 years. I’m also a very experienced moor walker having walked the moors every other weekend for the past 35 years.

My father introduced me to Dartmoor letterboxing which is my other passion. I have had photos published by Devon Wildlife, Exeter Echo, BBC, Springwatch, Dartmoor news One magazine and many more. Cuckoos have always been a favourite of mine and it was a dream come true when I got to see the juvenile being fed by the surrogate parent on Dartmoor a while back. These particular shots were taken near Emsworthy on Eastern Dartmoor.

I have waited for this opportunity since starting to catalogue their movements on Dartmoor in the 1990s. I’ve travelled all over the country photographing wildlife but still find Dartmoor the best place to follow these particular birds and always await their arrival with baited breath every year. My website is currently being constructed

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