Dads and lads take on the world

Laura White
Laura White

A team made up of dads and lads from Chagford played what seemed to be an international football match last Saturday afternoon when they took on Sanctuary Stars.

A football team made up of players from Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Gambia and Zimbabwe, led by former Gambian international James Jatta.

The match had been organised by Bristol  Hospitality Network (BHN) who help asylum seekers, and the people in Chagford who want to assist and raise money for BHN. James Jatta and his wife Susan are the housekeepers of a house in Bristol that offers destitute asylum seekers somewhere to stay.

Many of the Sanctuary Stars team had difficult, arduous and dangerous journeys to the UK where, because of lack of documentary evidence, find the themselves destitute.

The football match was a bit of fun, more of a Saturday afternoon kick about with Chagford lending Sanctuary Stars a couple of players. Chagford lost 5-2, but the score didn’t really matter.

Chagford – 2

Sanctuary – 5

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