Laura White
Laura White

Early May brings the spring sale of farm agriculture equipment and tools.

The sales down at the market in Chagford are an amazing resource for capturing the wonderful faces from across the moor which appear at these sales; buyers, sellers and the curious.

The country shows such as Widecombe and Lustleigh bring out people from across Dartmoor. I have always found inspiration in taking portrait photographs and this lead to an exhibition a couple of years ago just called ‘FACES’.

Taking pictures of the Dartmoor faces is my passion; faces full of character. I first started taking a camera to these sales years ago and got a few suspicious looks but now people don’t take much notice and I have gotten to know many of the Dartmoor faces over the years.

In my long career as a photo-journalist I have been lucky enough to have met and photographed some incredible people; famous faces in their own homes and ordinary everyday people in unbelievable settings.

From Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev in a London apartment to a heroin addict in a squat, surrounded by needles. The desire to capture a whole life on one face keeps me searching for those stories.

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