Photo: Dartmoor Rangers’ Facebook page

Dartmoor Rangers are now equipped with body-worn video cameras

Ross Tibbles
Ross Tibbles

Rangers will use Body Worn Video cameras (BWV) as part of their role to help protect their health, safety and welfare and will be used in situations where they may experience physical or verbal abuse.  

The introduction of the technology adds to DNPA’s existing health and safety policies that support staff and ensure they feel safe and secure at work. The camera, worn attached to the Rangers’ uniform, will be clearly identifiable and will capture moving images and audio.

Rangers will trial the devices for 24 months with a review of their effectiveness to be held after 18 months. The cameras will be incident-specific and won’t be used for general patrols or duties. 

Ranger Team Manager Simon Lee said: “Body-worn video cameras offers us an extra layer of protection against any anti-social or aggressive behaviour by capturing specific incidents as they unfold. We hope they will act as a deterrent, but footage could be used as evidence to support legal action if it’s considered appropriate to do so.”

The introduction of BWV was unanimously agreed by Dartmoor National Park Authority in January. To find out more about how Dartmoor Rangers will use BWV cameras see