Dartmoor Zoo’s Fudgy bear has died

Ben Fox
Ben Fox

Dartmoor Zoo’s Fudge the Syrian brown bear has died, after her health took a turn for the worst.

Much-loved by staff and visitors, Fudgy bear was the oldest Syrian bear on record in captivity and the zoo says she will be “sorely missed”.

“It is with great sadness that we are saying goodbye to Fudgy bear today,” the zoo said in a statement.
“She got to the grand age of 39 and over the past several months she has been monitored closely by our keepers and vets and has shown ongoing deterioration in health, including chronic arthritis.

“Born at London Zoo in 1978 ‘Fudge’ the Syrian Brown Bear was brought to
Dartmoor Zoo in 1983 to live her life with our group of European Brown Bears.

“Fudge was the oldest Syrian bear on record in captivity. She was greatly loved by our staff, volunteers and visitors and will be sorely missed.”

She was joined by Hayley in 1998 and Ben in 1993. Ben passed away in 2012, but both Hayley and Fudge spent more than a quarter of a century together. The zoo says Fudge’s long-term companion, Hayley the European brown bear, will be monitored closely over the next couple of months for signs of distress.

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