Laura White
Laura White
Map made using google maps

The Dartmoor Community Group last year set up ‘Moor Meadows’, where people were requested to donate large or small bits of land in and around Dartmoor to become wildflower meadows.

Moor Meadows has now produced an online map where you can see the size and location of each meadow; in one case a meadow has been made on a roof of a shed in Chagford which is 0.01 acres.

Nicky Scott’s shed roof meadow was inspired by those found on wood cabins in Norway.

Donna Cox, the co-founder of the group, said: “The Dartmoor Meadows Map shows the locations of meadows on Dartmoor; building up a network of meadows in close proximity to each other is important for wildlife, enabling them to move about through wildlife corridors.”

Meadow makers can see the proximity of their meadow in relation to others. The majority of these meadows are privately owned and there is no public access.

However a number open their meadows as part of Open Meadows in June and July. So far 130 meadows have been submitted with a total area of 523 acres.

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