Devon schools may have to close on Friday afternoons

Ross Bryant
Ross Bryant

A Devon County Councillor has warned that schools in Devon could have to close on Friday afternoons due to budget shortfalls.

Councillor Rob Hannaford the chairman of Devon County Council’s scrutiny committee, said he was ”convinced” that schools in Devon would join schools in other parts of the country.

The Councillor warned: “The long term gross underfunding of Devon’s schools is a great scandal that needs addressing urgently to ensure that our local children have the best educational outcomes. In Devon, we see school deficits growing month on month, big staff reductions, support staff being removed despite a rise in children entitled to free school meals and many more children with special needs and parents and families being regularly asked to contribute towards essential items.

‘We are one of the richest countries in the world, so school funding in the United Kingdom should be enough to actually run each and every school properly. Indeed, I am convinced that we will shortly see some schools in Devon having to close early on a Friday to keep running costs down.

‘I really find the profound lack of good progress on this issue hugely frustrating.”

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