Digitalk: I’m dreaming of a geek’s Christmas

Ross Tibbles
Ross Tibbles

There are some extremely odd people out there who are actually all done with their Christmas shopping! Crazy right? I suspect witchcraft… Halloween has just passed so they’ve had an easy excuse… I’m on to you.

For those of us who are less organised, or those like me for whom Christmas is a swear word until December starts, I’m afraid its about time to begrudgingly start thinking about it. Especially if you’re looking at buying anything techy this year.

Black Friday is coming soon, and although it’s technically meant to be the 23rd November, with Christmas apparently starting in July these day, Black Friday sales have been stretched out over weeks too.

Be sure to make the most of them as tech gifts don’t come cheap but you can find some serious bargains during the sales.

So, to get you started on what to get this Christmas, I’m going to do a little, middle and large present idea for you.

The big gift

The best gift at Christmas is something that you’ll get a lot of use out of. My recommendation for this year is a good gaming headset for your PC or console. Most people use a headset 90% of the time they’re on the computer, especially when gaming, as directional sound is key in most games.

So you want to go with something of good quality and comfort, and being stylish at the same time doesn’t hurt anyone.

You can spend hundreds on a good headset but the one I personally intend to purchase is the Astro A20. It’s not Astro’s top end headset, the A50 will set you back a cool £300, but a very good headset nonetheless.

It’s compatible with all platforms, sports very comfortable over ear pads which help block out background noise, has brilliant surround sound and a nifty feature that when you flip the mic boom up it mutes it. The battery is also pretty phenomenal, lasting up to 15 hours before needing to charge.

RRP of £149-159 depending on extras, I’ll be watching the sales like a hawk for this item.

A good alternative is the ever-popular Razer Kraken, slightly cheaper than the A20 coming in at £99 but just as good. It’s wired, has great sound, comfort and quality and comes with great management software. If you want to stay wireless, the Razer Man o’ War is a good shout too, very similar to the Kraken in looks and specifications except that it’s wireless, £169.99.

The middle gift

For the middle gift this year, I’m bringing back the fun of yesteryear with the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo.

Coming in at £69.99 it’s the perfect way to relive the fun of the old classic games we grew up on (and rage at how hard games were back then!)

A great way to have fun with your friends the old-fashioned way; split screen, and split friendships after getting caught screen peeking!

This re-make has been upgraded to use HDMI connections so it’ll fit any modern television. Comes with 3 games, Contra 3, Final fantasy 3 and Donkey Kong Country.

The little gift

Another useful little gem. We spend half our lives glued to our mobile phones, it’s our connection to the outside world, our portable library, entertainment and way to rub Jessica from work’s nose in it with selfies from the beach. So it feels like you’ve lost a limb when the battery dies.

Make sure this never happens again with the Anker PowerCore 20,100 power bank. It has a huge storage size that will charge your phone or tablet several times before needing to be charged itself and supports 2 out of 3 types of fast charging so you’re topped up in a flash.

At £33.99 its well worth it for the peace of mind knowing you’ll always be able to make/take THE call or be able to have your tunes on the go.

I hope these suggestions help in some way when you start your attack on Christmas. For more ideas, sites like have some very helpful guides.

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