Digitalk: Sometimes old school is better

Ross Tibbles
Ross Tibbles

Recently I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with 2D games instead of the flash modern 3D hyper detailed games that get all the attention these days.

I don’t mean that I’m playing really old games from 20 years ago, there are thousands of small studios and developers making games in 2D or hand drawn styles. There are multiple reasons to do this, the main reason is that its cheaper. Takes less time, and uses less resources to make, which makes it dramatically cheaper and easier for a small studio or solo maker to produce and publish.

So I thought that I’d pass along some of my favourites so that you may check them out, they also make good little stocking fillers as they’re much cheaper than the £60 big titles you may be looking at.

Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Quite possibly my favourite of the bunch that I’ve played so far. I’ve been getting really into my Norse mythology recently and I’m currently half way through a fascinating book of all the legends and history of the gods.

Set in the Viking era, you play as Thora, and as you progress you unveil her life story in search of glory to earn her seat in Valhalla. As you go along you get powers gifted to you by the gods, including Thor’s strength, Freya’s healing and Loki’s deception and take on challenging fights against the Jotun (giants).

The big fights have really interesting mechanics that you have to learn to be able to beat them, using timing and the giants own abilities against them and any minions they might summon during the fights. The art style is amazing, hand drawn and beautiful, from the little details in the scenery, to the character models, you can tell a lot of thought and attention went into designing this game.

At the time of writing, the Jotun was on sale in the Steam Store for just £3.75, normal price still coming in at a very modest £11.39.


This is one creepy little number that I wont lie, left me shaken by the end of it and had to go blow stuff up in Overwatch afterwards to feel better! Another game where the art is incredible, done to perfection to set the eerie tone that builds throughout the game.

You follow a group of friends who travel back to the island where they all grew up, only to find that things go a bit strange when you listen to different frequencies on a radio.

Really nice mix of puzzles and exploration, that build upon mechanics and get more complex as you go along. Your decisions are also very important and effect the end of the game, of which there are multiple.

A very good game but I recommend you play it with the lights on, in the day, with no family around to spook you at in-opportune moments…. And its another affordable game, at just £14.99.

Broken Age

This is a very interesting game where you play two different people’s experiences of the same story and switch between them on multiple occasions, and things you learn from one side help with the other character’s progression.

You play as Vella and Shay. Vella comes from a town renowned for baking and is chosen to be a sacrifice to the demon/god Mog’Chothra at the Maiden Feast, an event put on by every town, to appease Mog for another 14 years.

Shay is on a space ship tasked with finding a new home for his people who’s land is dying. Smothered by his over protective mother, he goes off in search of real adventure and
danger, and finds more than he bargains for.

This is a very fun point and click adventure game, with great dialogue and characters along the way set with a fantastic art style. The story line gripped me and I felt very clever when working out the puzzles… I didn’t have any help from my viewers on Twitch… honest!… Okay maybe a little, OK, A LOT of help.

For just £11.39, this is another game suitable for stocking fillers this Christmas.

Hopefully you enjoy these games as much as I did, there are thousands of games like this out there and I hope to find more good ones soon.