DIGITALK: Top Tech Gifts This Christmas

Ross Tibbles
Ross Tibbles

It’s THAT time of year again… The dreaded season of stress, expense and wondering if you can get away with wearing baggy trackies in public because you’ve over indulged at the multiple C word meals and your belt and jeans now feel like torture devices.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love seeing the family, giving and receiving gifts, the food, oh god the food and I even love a good/bad Christmas jumper!

But the hassle of trying to work out what to get everyone for Christmas is enough to drive you to distraction. (Shush you smug so-and-so’s who’ve already finished your shopping) That and by about mid December you’re sick of the Christmas songs eeeeeverywhere!

So I thought I’d do a quick round up of a couple of the best gifts to give to your techy friends and family this Christmas

Google Chromecast and/or Amazon Fire TV

Fed up with the same films and TV shows at Christmas? Or the rest of the year to be honest? Get more out of your TV with these one of these two nifty gifts.

Google Chromecast allows you to stream anything from your phone/tablet or PC to your TV so you can watch anything you find online. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, Crunchyroll etc. All available on your TV without needing to upgrade to a smart TV. Just £30.

Amazon Fire TV is much the same, except if you’re a Amazon Prime member you get unlimited access to Prime Video too.

The main appeal of Amazon Fire over Chromecast is that it also partners very well with the Alexa app with the Echo smart speakers which gives you a wide range of voice commands and doesn’t leave you hunting for the remote and missing the start of your favourite programme!

The Fire TV Stick is just £39.99 and can do up to 1080p HD but the All-New Fire TV can do 4K Ultra HD for £69.99.

Amazon Echo

The Echo is basically a user interface for the Alexa voice command service/app that allows you to instruct various linked devices to do a range of functions from playing music, web browsing, TV show selection, shopping and much more.

Just walk in the room and say “Alexa, play Orange is the New Black on Netflix” and by the time you’ve sat down the episode will be starting.

It has a huge range of applications in every day life from taking notes and reminders to adding stuff to your weekly shopping delivery cart from Sainsburys as you go.

A really simple to use bit of smart home technology. Just £89.99 from Amazon.

Kindle E-Reader

I honestly didn’t mean this to become an Amazon fanboy article but yet another Amazon product has snuck into my list this year.

The Kindle E-Reader is the perfect gift for the techy book lover who just simply doesn’t have the space for the small library of books they want to read that an E-Reader can contain with ease.

All Kindle E-Readers are now glare free meaning you can read to your heart’s content even in the brief 30 mins a year of sun we get each season. And for as long as you want as it now boasts a week long battery life! Just £59.99


The perfect device for those of us prone to losing their important items such as car keys, phone and wallet!

These small discreet Bluetooth tracker tiles clip to or slip inside bags and wallets and work with an app on your phone to show you were there are on a map, and or by emitting a loud noise.

So what if I lose my phone I hear you say? By squeezing a tile synced with your app twice, it’ll make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent! The perfect gift for anyone you know who’s constantly losing things! Starting at just £23 depending on the model.

THE BIG GIFT – Nintendo Switch

It has been a long time since Nintendo has done much right with their gaming hardware but by universal acclaim they’ve done a fantastic job with the Switch.

And while they were thin on the ground, the launch titles are also very highly rated as new masterpieces by some of the toughest critics.
If you’re looking for that big family gift, this is a very good option.

Play on either built in screen for on the go or dock it up and detach the Joycons to play on the big screen. A wide range of multiplayer and single player titles already available too.

I’m dying to try Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. And these are just two of the gems in the shining line up of games this new console now boasts.

I hope my little run down has helped you with the annual Christmas panic… I mean shopping…