Digitalk: Treat the Geek this Christmas

Ross Tibbles
Ross Tibbles

The geek is a curious creature… reclusive in nature, surfacing from its den only to acquire sustenance from the nearest source before scurrying back to the calming glow of the computer monitor. (Please read in your best David Attenborough impersonation.)

Before you have a go, I am a massive geek and I’m never happier than when I’m in front of a computer screen. If I cant take the Mickey out of me who can!?

Shopping for us creatures at Christmas is a difficult task, especially with physical media dying out in entertainment media these days.

Unless you’re rolling in the cash, dropping hundreds of pounds on the latest gadgets and gizmo’s on a present is a bit much, even if it is a dearly loved family member.

Honestly, the old fallback of a Steam, Xbox or PS4 store gift card is very much appreciated. You can’t really do computer/console peripherals as they are very much down to personal preference. You could get the best on the market and it still may not be suitable.

I’ll cover a couple of recommendations if you want to get something physically to give that geek in your life, or a cheeky little gift to yourself.

Halo Masterchief collection – PC(Steam)

Halo is one of the crown jewels of gaming royalty. One of the first big brand first person shooters that’s kept the gamers enthralled by not only having a good multiplayer, but also has a good campaign story.

You might think that halo has been around for ages? Why would people want it now? Halo hasn’t been on the pc since halo 2. Xbox has kept it as a console-exclusive for nearly a decade to help their console platform grow. Its one of the many reasons why it’s held its ground versus the PS4.

I’ve had a blast with playing halo on the PC this weekend past, I was never very good at shooters on consoles, so finally having it back on the platform I’m adept at is amazing.

And even though it’s on a different platform than before, it still has that nostalgia hit. Many hours of my childhood was spent fighting the aliens for the safety and survival of mankind.

There is also an amazing series of books that go DEEP into the story and history of the Halo universe, from the origin story of the child John who grows up to be the Masterchief to the political structure of the covenant, the collective of intergalactic creatures waging war across the universe.

Dawnthief by John Barclay (book)

Dawnthief is the first instalment of quite possibly the best fantasy novel series I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Never before or since have I got so invested in a book series that a turn of events has made me rage-quit a book for a month before I could carry on with it to finish the story.

You follow Hirad and his band of mercenaries, known as The Raven, and their world shattering adventures. Renowned for both their skill and their honour, if you end up fighting against them, you pretty much know you’re on the bad guy’s side. Hired as bodyguards to a mysterious mage, they get embroiled in events beyond their imagining, with battles for power and control breaking out all around, oblivious to the main danger threatening the lives of every soul in the world, and others as it turns out.

I highly recommend this book and the ones that follow. I will warn you now that although the first third of the book is A LOT of world staging, but once you get through it, it opens up into one of the best stories you’ll ever read.

So I hope I’ve been of some use in looking for the gift for the geek, one of the most challenging people to shop for. Happy Christmas everyone!

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