Dog Owners Beware Traps

Laura White
Laura White

Dog owners in the Chagford area are warned that a dog was seriously injured recently while on a walk with its owner on Nattadon Hill just outside the town. Nattadon is populated with many rabbits.

The dog wandered into ferns then started howling and reappeared with blood pouring from its almost severed tail.

The dog, named Nessa, was rushed home by her owner Graham Stoodley who immediately called a mobile vet service because of the severe bleeding. The injury was thought to be caused by an illegal Gin Trap or snare. A few days later Nessa got a bad infection and Graham and his wife Kim were told that Nessa’s tail would have to be amputated or she would contract meningitis. The x-rays found the tail had been badly broken by some sort of trap or snare.

Kim Stoodley said: “We are glad to say that Nessa is recovering well but it could have been a whole lot worse, thank God it wasn’t her leg. This is a warning to people that this could happen to their dog or God forbid their children, running around on what you think is safe common land.”

Gin traps were banned in 1958 and those found using the illegal traps face a £20,000 fine and/or six months in jail.