Electric cars the pit falls

Laura White
Laura White

Here on Dartmoor we are lucky if we can find a petrol station. But, if you drive an electric car, you really will be struggling.

In fact, it might be quicker to take the bus. The first issue is that there are different types of plug depending on the car you own. There are five different types for different vehicles.

In a recent account, Geoff Hands from Christchurch left home in his new £29,050 Hyundai Ioniq pure-electric car.  While in Christchuch he visited six charging stations: “The shortest time I spent at a charger was an hour, the longest was two and a half hours”, said Geoff.

The new car that Geoff bought is said to have a range of 174 miles. He set off to drive a round trip to Newton Abbot, a distance of 110 miles.

It would usually take around five hours, but the cold weather shortened the life of the batteries so the round trip took 11 hours, with over half the time waiting for the car to charge up. Geoff took the car back to the dealer and traded in, losing £4,000 in the deal.

The government wants us to switch to electric cars. This may be OK if you live in central London but there is a failure to provide the infrastructure for the rest of the country.

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