Laura White
Laura White

Posters warning of EXTREME RISK OF FIRE are now prominent throughout Dartmoor as there has been no significant rainfall on Dartmoor for some weeks resulting in tinder-dry vegetation.

Dartmoor National Park Authority, who are behind the poster campaign, have issued the following warning to all visitors to the moor during this prolonged spell of hot weather.

During this prolonged period of very dry, hot weather there is a significant increase in the risk of wildfires on Dartmoor.

Moorland vegetation is now extremely vulnerable to fires which could spread very quickly and could be devastating to thelandscape, especially ground nesting moorland birds.

Wildfires also put livestock and members of the public at risk.

To reduce the risk of fire, please observe the following:

  • Avoid the use of portable barbeques or camping stoves
  • Do not discard cigarettes, matches or lighters
  • Be aware that glass bottles left on the ground can cause fires to start
  • Take notice of any advisory or warning signs
  • Follow directions from National Park Rangers and the emergency services
  • During this time our Rangers and Voluntary Wardens will be undertaking additional patrols and providing advice to the public.

If you see anything suspicious please phone the police on 101. In the event of seeing a fire, please report it quickly to the fire service on 999 with the location, so that they can take action.

With Britain undergoing the warmest summer since 1976 major fires have occurred around Manchester and on Saddleworth Moor in Yorkshire where the army were even brought in to help firefighters.

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