Flowers for Chagford

Laura White
Laura White

Flowers are everywhere in the pretty Dartmoor town of Chagford right now.

The initiative was started last year by Angela Emberson who raised around £600 by holding a coffee morning and donations from townspeople.

This year Angie and her partner Patrick have been putting up hanging baskets, replanting planters and granite troughs around the town, having raised over £1,000 for new plants this year including a generous donation from Chagford Parish Council.

For much of the past few months Angie and her team have been buying, planting hundreds of flowers and nurturing these beautiful displays; there are even flowers on the dressing table in the ladies’ loos in the town square.

But much of Angie and Patrick’s time is spent watering the hundreds of flowers around Chagford, sometimes on a daily basis and they have asked if a few volunteers could help out by watering plants and flowers nearby.

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