Flytipping scourge continues…

Eric Partridge

Just when you thought this blight had abated, lo and behold THIS dreadful desecration of our beautiful Devon countryside appears once more!

This latest incident of fly-tipping was spotted on 31st October at a lay-by just outside Halwill Junction on the A3079. Some of the items are so distinctive and recognisable that some one, somewhere must know who is responsible and they deserve to be reported and prosecuted.

The dumped items included a large amount of household material including loft flooring, a satellite dish, 2 wooden 3-4ft high bespoke units, 4 children’s scooters and other toys, brake discs and pads, plastic containers etc.

Beyond the initial inspection further items were found buried in the hedgerow that bordered the site. The additional material consisted of about 40 tyres, which had been in the hedge for a longer period of time.

All the tyres were excavated from the hedge but both the newer items and the tyres bore no markings that would have helped to identify the person who dumped these. All items have now been recovered and removed by Torridge’s Waste and Recycling team.

Janet Williams – Environmental Health & Community Safety Manager for Torridge District Council said; “It’s unfortunate that we have yet another example of unacceptable and thoughtless dumping of waste with no regard for the impact this has on the environment.

‘Clearly on this occasion a lot of this material has been there for some time and so we would ask that people help us by reporting fly-tipping as soon as they spot any. We would rather receive multiple calls about the same site, as an early investigation often yields better evidence to allow us to catch and prosecute those responsible.

‘If any member of the public does see someone fly-tipping then any evidence such as dash cam footage or mobile phone pictures along with vehicle details and descriptions of any occupants are also very helpful!
‘Illegal tipping is not only a blight on our landscape but it also means taxpayers money has to be used to clean things up.

‘Our officers will continue to seek to bring these people to justice and when convicted they can expect a hefty fine and end up having a criminal record to deal with as well. ‘People should only use licensed carriers to dispose of their excess waste and ensure that they obtain all the necessary paperwork to show that they have followed correct procedures.”

To report incidences of fly-tipping please contact the Environmental Protection Team at or 01237 428700 and for any information regarding this incident please quote ref 19/01250/GTFLYT.

Fly-tipping is a serious offence – punishable by a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months in prison, if convicted at a magistrates’ court.  At Crown Court, the fine can be unlimited and prison sentences of up to five years can be imposed.

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