Garry and Roof-us take up running challenges for the Village Hall Roof Appeal

Laura White
Laura White

Local gardener Garry Letheren is running in the ‘Conquer 24’ Endurance Race on behalf of the Sampford Courtenay Village Hall Roof Appeal.

‘Conquer 24’ is taking place on a five mile circuit in the grounds of Powderham Castle on June 5th/6th where competitors will be running to see how many laps they can achieve in 24 hours.

Garry has decided to run on behalf of the Roof-us Appeal because of his close family connection to Sampford Courtenay. His late grandfather was a very active member of the local community and had a special interest in activities at the Village Hall.

Garry has undertaken a number of marathons but this event is a real test of strength and stamina and he has been training really hard for the challenge. Roof-us, the Village Hall mascot, has been helping Garry with his training and hopes to be able to cheer him on at the event.

On Saturday, 29th May, Garry will be joining Roof-us who has taken on his own challenge – The (virtual) ‘Vitality London 10k’. They will be running round the village lanes and have challenged parishioners and local people to take up their own ‘10k Challenge’.

Supporters can choose how they do their challenge throughout the week from 29th May; they can do it on their own, with their family or their own ‘bubble’ and can run, walk, ride, push or be pushed around the three circuits of the village hall lanes.

Details on how you can sponsor Garry on his 24-hour challenge or take up your own 10k Challenge are on the Sampford Courtenay Village website.

Take up the Challenge, get fit have fun and help save the Village Hall.

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