GPs are to stop prescribing a number of common medicines

Ben Fox
Ben Fox

GPs are to stop prescribing a range of common drugs within weeks in a bid to save the NHS money.

The medications are routinely prescribed for 35 conditions but will no longer be available free on prescription from your local pharmacist.

But people are being advised they will be able to buy the drugs over the counter and while those who get free prescriptions will now have to pay – those who pay for prescriptions could save themselves a few pounds.

Conditions for which common drugs will no longer be prescribed include coughs, colds and mild diarrhoea, nappy rash, conjunctivitis and head lice.

NHS England says stopping the prescription of things such as travel jabs, omega-3 supplements, painkillers and gluten-free foods could save £128million.

Although many families will find it cheaper to buy over counter medicines than pay £8.80 for a prescription, the move could make life difficult for those on low incomes who rely on free prescriptions.

The new NHS England guidance comes into force on May 31. That means GPs in areas which follow the guidance will no longer prescribe medicines for 35 minor, short term conditions which medics say will either get better by themselves or need simple over the counter remedies.

Conditions and medicines for which prescriptions will no longer be available – .

1. Probiotics

2. Vitamins and minerals

3. Acute Sore Throat

4. Cold Sores

5. Conjunctivitis

6. Coughs and Colds and Nasal Congestion

7. Cradle Cap 8. Haemorrhoids

9. Infant Colic

10. Mild Cystitis

11. Contact Dermatitis

12. Dandruff

13. Diarrhoea (Adults)

14. Dry Eyes/Sore (tired) eyes

15. Earwax

16. Excessive sweating (mild – moderate hyperhidrosis)

17. Head Lice

18. Indigestion and Heartburn

19. Infrequent Constipation

20. Infrequent Migraines

21. Insect bites and stings

22. Mild Acne

23. Mild Dry Skin

24. Sunburn/Sun Protection

25. Mild to Moderate Hay fever/Seasonal Rhinitis

26. Minor Burns and Scalds

27. Minor conditions associated with pain, discomfort and/fever. (e.g. aches and sprains, headache, period pain, back pain)

28. Mouth Ulcers

29. Nappy Rash

30. Prevention of dental caries

31. Ringworm/Athletes foot

32. Teething/Mild Toothache

33. Threadworms

34. Travel Sickness Tablets

35. Warts and Verrucae