Graffiti on Dartmoor

Laura White
Laura White

Outrage has been expressed at the graffiti that has appears at a number of places on Dartmoor.

A graffiti ‘tag’ has been sprayed on rocks at South Hessary Tor and green daubs have been painted on the granite at Eylesbarrow.

Simon Lee, the ranger team manager at Dartmoor National Park Authority said: “We have had two bouts of graffiti in the last ten years. The weather does help fade the paint quicker but sometimes we have used chemicals and a wire brush to clean it off.”

“It’s not a Banksy, it’s banal,” Keith Scrivener of Burrator Parish Council said.

He went onto say: “These offences happened on the edge of our parish but I am sure I speak for the whole of Dartmoor when I say this sort of urban graffiti is out of place anywhere in the national park.”

Graffiti has also started to appear on the wall of Crannaford’s Industrial Estate near Chagford.

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