Green Issues: Power of Passions

Laura White
Laura White

I receive a large number of emails asking me to sign this petition, share that petition, email my MP about this or that…and it got me thinking about the wide range of people’s passions.

We are all aware of the huge push to reduce plastic right now and that has come from one person’s lifelong passion for the environment and the natural world. Sir David Attenborough has been an inspiration to generations and his programmes have no doubt kickstarted countless careers in the environmental sector. Blue Planet II was able to inspire passion in people around the world to make changes to their daily lives in the desire to do something to make a difference.

I have written many articles for The Moorlander and I generally try to be informative on subjects that are of current interest – bees, fracking, water, farming; I’ve not yet been brave enough to cover badger culling or hunting.

Yet this often leaves me feeling that there should be a bigger push to fight back against the things that are damaging our world. If Sir David were to make a different series about bees, maybe that would be the thing that everyone set up community groups, action days and lectures about. Surely the loss of bees is just as big a threat to our planet and our way of life?

Greenpeace are currently investigating oil pipelines and the effects on both the human and wild life. The Woodland Trust have just announced that the British hedgehog population has halved in less than twenty years.

Compassion in World Farming are campaigning against farmed rabbits in cages. 38 Degrees are trying to stop an oil company from drilling in the Surrey countryside and SumOfUs are asking for donations to halt the destruction of Orangutans in Borneo since their population number has halved in the last fifteen years due to deforestation and hunting.

It can all be a bit overwhelming, can’t it? We care about all these things. All these things are really important. Which is why we simply do what we can for the causes that mean the most to us – the ones that inspire passion. But we need these true warriors who hold just one passion in their hearts to be our leaders, and I give credit and respect to those who have found their cause and will battle with all they have to fight for change.

No-one can tell you what to be most passionate about, it’s probably something you yourself can’t put into words. Passion comes from the heart, it is where you feel your true self lies. The only thing I ask is that you keep going with it.

It is very easy to commit to only eating meat at weekends or only buying organic milk or never again using a disposable coffee cup, but laziness and convenience often kick us off that drive and then we’ve fallen.

For these things to truly make a difference, make them a constant permanent change.

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