Greenway Project Feasibility Study now complete

Ross Tibbles
Ross Tibbles

The Greenway Project Steering Group was formed in 2020. It has, as a core vision, a study of the feasibility of a safe, traffic free, multi-use trail between the towns of Chagford and Moretonhampstead. This study was carried out due to the fact that the existing National Cycle Network Route 28 is entirely on-road between the two towns and local people felt this route, having deteriorated over the years, had become unfit for purpose.

Results of a local survey showed that many locals would, theoretically, use a new traffic-free route to travel between the towns and currently did not walk or cycle on the main road due to the volume of traffic currently on the A382.

The Group was then, after fundraising, able to commission Sustrans to undertake a full Feasibility Study. The principle of this study was to investigate the potential to extend the Wray Valley Trail, so that a consistent, safe and traffic-free path continued from Moretonhampstead to the centre of Chagford. The study report has now been completed and published.

The study is comprehensive and assesses five different options, giving the opportunities and constraints for each. Two of the routes were discovered to be unable to meet the required standards of a traffic-free, safe, good quality, direct and comfortable route. One was described as ‘challenging’ to meet the requirements, one ‘may be achievable’ and the final route, marked red on the map, was concluded as being the most feasible option.

However, there has been considerable land-owner opposition to the project as a whole and a constraint given on this red route is that numerous landowners are affected. The study also looks at the ecological impact, which has been a large part of the objections to the creation of a new route across fields and farms. This part of the study is titled ‘Ecological desk review’ and it is stated that due to the infancy of the project, no actual on-site surveys have been conducted. It is to be assumed that, if and when the project moves to the next phase, extensive surveys would need to be carried out to assess the impact.

You can read the Feasibility Study by following this link:

Once you have read the study there is the opportunity to comment on line.

To read a hard copy of the study there are two at Chagford Library and two at the Central Café, Moretonhampstead, until 17th July.

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