Hedgehog care in Chudleigh

Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith

Hedgehogs are alive and well in Chudleigh.  Residents have them hibernating and breeding in their gardens right in the centre of the town.

Unfortunately, their activities also means they get injured on our roads during the night time as their territory can be extensive, maybe as much as a mile.

Chudleigh Prickly Hedge is a new group which aims to support hedgehogs by raising awareness and support in the town and their Facebook page has advice, photos, and discussions about hedgehog homes, feeding stations and poo!

As we go into winter it can be a difficult time for hedgehogs so making cosy homes for them to hibernate in and occasionally feeding them helps them to survive.  Barney (one of the rescued hedgehogs) now has a deluxe home and feeding station and a night camera to watch his activities.

Chudleigh Primary School has also been very active in helping and rehoming hedgehogs in the school wildlife area.

Stephanie at South Devon Hedgehog Sanctuary in Kingskerwell has taken in many poorly hedgehogs from Chudleigh.  If you see any in difficulty (injured, wobbly, lethargic, trapped, squeaking, surrounded by flies) she can quickly give advice by phoning 07716768618. She suggests if there is a time delay between calling and bringing a hedgehog to a carer and no fly eggs are present then put some heat in with the patient.

A warm house or blanket is not enough, you will need to put in a medium warm hot water bottle with a cover or a drinks bottle filled with warm water.

Place in the box so that the hedgehog can get on and off the heat source. This action could mean the difference between life and death.

And, most importantly at this time of year, please check bonfires carefully for sleeping hedgehogs before lighting. If possible, move the pile or check underneath using broom handles to lift the base and shine torches looking and listening for any signs of life.  A burnt hedgehog is not a pleasant sight!
It is so good that Chudleigh has a thriving community of hedgehogs and you can make your garden more hedgehog friendly with advice from the excellent British Hedgehog Preservation Society and Hedgehog Street,

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