Help Disabled Overseas

Laura White
Laura White

Physionet is a charity with headquarters in Yorkshire that collects discarded mobility and disability equipment from all around the UK and sends it to around 30 countries across the globe, at the rate of about one 40ft container a month.

Harry Franks is the South West rep based in Dartmouth, who works with Dartmouth Rotary and with many volunteers who drive and collect or deliver the equipment. The first container sent from Devon will be loaded in the Young Farmers Club hub car park in Cheriton Bishop on the 31st March.

A team of volunteers including YFC members, Dartmouth Rotary and others will load the container which is destined for Kwazulu Natal in South Africa, and 8 rotary clubs there who serve the hinterland where both Asian and African poverty is rife. A range of approximately 600 items will be sent.

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