‘Hold on lads, let’s steal a pink elephant’

Laura White
Laura White

Thieves will steal just about anything they can, but a life-sized pink elephant on a heavy plinth called Elizabeth is not something you can slip into your pocket.

Questions have got to be asked of the thieves, like why steal a life-sized pink elephant in the first place?

I can just imagine the conversation that went on between this gang of crooks when one pipes up and says, “Hold on lads I’ve got a great idea, let’s steal a life-sized pink elephant!” And what do the thieves plan to do with it? Where are they going to keep it?

This audacious crime took place at the Made-Well centre at West Fishleigh Farm on the A386 near Hatherleigh.

The centre provides activities for people with learning difficulties.

Laura Feaver of the Made-Well centre said: “She is a real landmark and we want her back. We want to say to whoever has taken her ‘bring her back’ we are not going to press charges, we just want her back where she belongs.”

The idea of Elizabeth the elephant was to raise funds for breast cancer research by the Hatherleigh Pink Ladies group and was painted pink to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Police are appealing for information about the theft. The incident happened between 4pm on Thursday 18th October and 8am the following day.

If do you find a life-sized pink elephant we suggest that you tell the police that you have not been drinking.

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