Horsemanship and falconry in harmony

Laura White
Laura White

Wildlife photographer Hazel Mansell-Greenwood has photographed falconer Martin Whitley with his bird of prey many times but the last set of photographs Hazel took are thought to have captured an incredible display of horsemanship and falconry with Barny, a Peregrine falcon, flying under three former racehorse’s legs.

“Finally after the sixth time I dived to the floor and started shooting,” said Hazel. “Martin was dangling the lure down between the horses ready for Barny, fast as ever, swooping down and straight under three sets of legs – going for the lure which Martin pulled up fast as lightning and out the other side. It was an amazing thing to witness.”

The three horses are all retrained racehorses named Myladtommy, Shubaat and Caymens.

Martin of Dartmoor Hawking based at Bovey Castle said: “Trust is a three-way thing in our line of work and has to be genuine and absolute between ourselves, the horses and the hawks.”

Photograph © Hazel Mansell Greenwood

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