International Tractor back running on home soil

Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith

A Shaugh Prior-based small holder, who has gazed longingly at international tractors ever since she was a child, has “bit the bullet” and taken on her first restoration project some 30 years later, lovingly restoring an International B275 Tractor to its former glory.

Having been previously sat outside un-started for 4 years, Nay Proctor, who bought the tractor originally from Cornwall, describes how in buying the motor she was “really taking a bit of a risk as I wasn’t even sure if the engine had seized!”

With fond memories of an international tractor working the hay on the local dairy farm she helped out at, Nay associates the motor with the beginnings of her farming career; hand milking 11 Jersey and Guernsey cows as a young girl.  “I’ve always wanted my own tractor. Preferably one that was already up and running but they were out of my price range!” Nay tells.

Encouraged by her neighbour Keith, Nay took the plunge in buying the tractor, transporting it to her home in Devon to begin bringing the motor back to life.  After some research, Nay found that the registration number suggests that the tractor was originally Devon registered, and so it appears that the red machine may well be back on home soil again.

Learning all the while the restorations have been taking place, Nay has already replaced the fuel injector pump and drained the years of grime from the fuel tank.  While there is plenty more work to be done the smallholder is determined to do as much of the work as possible by herself.

“This is the first restoration I have done … I do have invaluable advice and help from Keith who has a lot more knowledge than I do, but I’m learning all the while. Yes, at times I think ‘what have I done?!’

‘But it will all be worth it in the end to see this vintage beauty come back to life.”

Nay hopes to have the International Tractor up and running in time for the Yelverton tractor run next May, and may have her sights on another project afterwards. She tells of how “yes, this is my first restoration project, but as I’m only 39 years old, it probably won’t be the last!”

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