Jennie shares her royal memories

Laura White
Laura White

Jennie Bond, the former BBC royal commentator, officially opened Stannary Gardens luxury housing development in Chagford last week.

She spoke of her fourteen years as royal correspondent, covering events around the world including the Windsor Castle fire in 1992 and the divorces of Prince Andrew and the Prince of Wales.

She revealed that she spent time with Princess Diana at Kensington Palace after Diana and Prince Charles had separated but before the couple were divorced, and talking about Camilla Parker-Bowles, how Diana thought that the public should learn to accept Camilla and that Charles should have married her in the first place.

Jennie also said that whenever she met the Prince of Wales he always looked to see what shoes she was wearing.

“I always seem to be in the wrong shoes for the job” said Jennie.

Nick Hole, the Managing Director of Blue Cedar Homes, showed Jennie around the over 55’s development before unveiling a plaque.

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