Life before The Moorlander

Laura White
Laura White

Photographs by Stuart Clarke

Before I started The Moorlander nearly two years ago I spent most of my life as a news photographer for national newspapers and magazines covering events around the world. I would be on a plane somewhere most weeks covering a wide range of varied stories and features.

When I started The Moorlander the newspaper trade magazine UK Press Gazette said ‘Former war photographer starts Dartmoor newspaper.’

‘War photographer’ is a term that never sits comfortably with me; I am just a newspaper photographer. I would cover everything; portraits of politicians, actors, businessmen and women, trials at the Old Bailey or the Law Courts, a film premier, a strike or demo, elections, Royal visits and conflicts from time to time. But most Fleet Street photographers do.

I remember being sent to Martinique in the Caribbean for a week to cover a story. It was an easy lovely job to do, the company was good, the five star hotel was on a beautiful beach with a deep blue warm sea, wonderful French food and I was then upgraded to first class on the flight back to London.

I arrived back in the office the following morning with a slight tan to be told “I hope you enjoyed your trip because you are on a flight to Sarajevo in the morning.” The war was raging in the former Yugoslavia. From paradise to hell in days.

Over the last forty years I have worked for most national newspapers and my pictures still get syndicated around the world. I receive royalties from pictures that were taken years ago which has helped to put food on the table while starting this newspaper.

The one thing I enjoy doing is taking pictures of people – portraits. I am not very good at wandering round taking pictures of beautiful views; there has to be more, a story or an interesting or beautiful face.

The Moorlander always features photographs by Dartmoor photographers so I thought you may like to see a few of mine taken over the years before starting this mad venture.

East Rand township riot, South Africa
Armed Police Raid a house in Scotia Road South London looking for terrorists.
Nelson Mandela dances the night away after becoming president of South Africa
A young Iraqi boy gets bored during the sermon at Amu Al-Marak Mosque in Baghdad for Friday prays.
Super model Jerry Hall for Hello Magazine
Dr Irving Finkel of the Dept of Middle East of the British Museum with the Iranian disputed Cyrus Cylinder, the first declaration of human rights
I found this 14 year old girl living in a cage in childrens care home in Moldova
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