Literary giants take centre stage at Chagword 2019

Laura White
Laura White

Chagword, the Dartmoor Literary Festival, brought national and international authors, poets, actors and commentators to the festival held in Chagford.

It also brought in audiences from far and wide. Just about every event sold out, with Friday evening’s opening event with Jo Brand talking about her life thoughts and her book, selling out within minutes. Sam Willis and James Daybell explained their book ‘Histories of the Unexpected’, questioning links between different parts of history.

Prue Leith, one of the judges on Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off and writer of twelve cookery books and seven racy
romantic novels, talked about her writing for innumerable newspaper columns and her autobiography ‘Relish’ was very popular.

The ‘voice of rugby’ Ian Robertson was in conversation with the ‘voice of cricket’ Henry Blofeld; a magical hour of story-telling and much laughter.

Henry Blofeld talked about the shenanigans going on a during the broadcasting of Test Match Special not just here in the UK but wild goings-on during England cricket tours.

Ian had the audience in fits of laughter with tales of hard drinking rugby tours with England and Irish Lions tours which he had covered for the BBC.

The morning was hosted by Chris Mount and Blofeld and
Robertson, who had never worked together before, left the packed audience begging for more.

Timothy Bentinck, who plays David Archer in the BBC4 radio drama The Archers, came to talk about his new book ‘Being David Archer’ but started by having a pint of Shires at the pop-up Bull Inn at the bar of the Jubilee Hall and swapped the Borchester Echo for a read of The Moorlander.

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