Little Drummer Boy

Laura White
Laura White

I took myself off to The Wharf in Tavistock last weekend to see a heavy rock band that I used to follow nearly fifty years ago, called Stray. They had a big cult following in the late sixties and early seventies.

There were three acts that evening, but it was the second act called Ethyrfield that really caught my eye.
The band consists of three teenage boys aged 17, 16 and 14. Danny Aston is the fourteen-year-old drummer and at just five foot one, the drum kit was bigger than him, but strewth could he play; the whole band could play.

The lead singer with the headline act was nearly seventy-two, the combined age of this boy band was only forty-seven and they were just as good.

Alan Aston, Danny’s father, told us that they bought Danny a drum kit from eBay for £40 when he was seven, which was in the middle of the house so it was quite a racket. They then converted the garage into a music room so the band could meet and practice.

Danny plays in three different bands, one on the lead guitar, another on the bass guitar and in Ethyrfield the drums. Danny plays about three or four gigs a month, but not normally on a Sunday night as he has to be up and dressed in uniform for school in the morning at Newton Abbot College, where he is studying, yes, you’ve guessed it – music.

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