Little notes of hope for Newton Abbot

Ben Fox
Ben Fox

The three girls behind notes being left around Newton Abbot, in a bid to stop any more tragedies in the town, have been revealed. It comes as a local musician, Matt Kenward, was found dead at Baker’s Park on Saturday 11th August, followed by Kyle Deakin just 24 hours later.

Since their deaths, notes have been left around the town with encouraging messages to those who might be struggling with depression or other mental health illnesses. The people behind the messages have now been revealed as Mia Breslan, Orla O’Connor and Amy Mace.

Mia said that they could see how much the deaths of Matt and Kyle had affected the community, so they wanted to make a change.
“We wanted to make a difference by brightening someone’s day as they walked to work or through Newton Abbot,” she said.

“We didn’t know Matt or Kyle personally, but Matt had served us in Coffee#1 a few times and my brother was friends with Kyle.

The issue of mental health needs to change in Newton Abbot. There isn’t enough support or even awareness for people who may have mental health issues.”

The trio have left messages of hope and support in various areas of Newton Abbot. Mia added: “We tied notes in Bakers Park, a few outside Junction and in both Subways by Coombeshead and Newton Abbot College as that is where we used to go to school.

‘We also put some by the bus station, outside Asda and quite a few through the town itself. Mental health and the stigma around it needs to change everywhere, we just hope our notes spread the message of mental health awareness.”

Following the tragedy which has devastated the whole community Newton Abbot councillor Michael Hocking has also raised the issue that there is not enough help for people with mental health in Newton Abbot.

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