Lockdown Living with The Hummingbirds

Eric Partridge

Just a week into partial lockdown and I for one have already had my fill of cringe-worthy YouTube videos posted by tired and forgotten so-called celebrities ‌in a vain (apt) attempt to ‘entertain’ us and resurrect their ailing careers.

Oddly we’ve been spared the embarrassment of any at all from BBC presenter and ex footballer Gary Lineker, who usually never misses a chance at self-promotion on these occasions. Unfortunately there’s still time.But there’s one group of whom I will never tire and that is the locally-based Hummingbirds who have posted a couple of YouTube videos headlined ‘Lockdown Living with The Hummingbirds’.

For those readers of The Moorlander who have yet to be enthralled by one of their amazing sets, The Hummingbirds are a professional, close harmony trio, who perform classic style arrangements with a modern twist.

Their extensive repertoire embraces the sounds of jazz, ragtime and blues, which evolved in the rebellious roaring 20s, while their stunning interpretation of jive, big band and swing reflects the hits of the 30s and 40s along with World War II tributes to Glenn Miller and in particular The Andrews Sisters, upon whom their act is modelled.

With all their scheduled gigs obviously now cancelled for the foreseeable future, and what could be a career-defining appearance at Goodwood Revival in September now hanging in the balance, Grace, Clara and Bettie have come up with a novel way to both rehearse and perform. Skype has come to the rescue on the rehearsal front while for their YouTube channel, the talented trio, complete with signature costumes, hairstyles and make up perform individual harmonies at their respective homes to a backing track, while being filmed by a family member. Grace’s husband, Dave, a sound and techno wizard then splices the three films together to create a perfectly synchronised video which he then uploads to YouTube. It’s amazing and it’s brilliant.

Along with a host of their other performances to enjoy,  The Hummingbirds have posted two ‘lockdown’ videos on their YouTube channel so far with a superb rendition of one of  The Andrews Sisters’ most famous songs ‘Rum and Coca Cola’  https://youtu.be/LgDR7BMBIfo together with a big hit in 1929 for Ruth Etting, ‘Button Up Your Overcoat’

Even under normal circumstances I would recommend you visit The Hummingbirds’ YouTube channel anyway, but under present circumstances perhaps there’s even more reason.

You won’t be disappointed.

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