Made in Japan – 7,500 scones

Laura White
Laura White

Last month Sara and Vincent Martinez flew off to Japan to make scones, thousands of them.

Sara and Vincent run the Old Forge Tea room in Chagford which was awarded the ‘Best Cream Tea Award’ in 2015.

A pop-up version of their restaurant was the centre piece of British Week at the massive Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo, the Harrods of the East.

A copy of the Old Forge was constructed, and this amazing duo managed somehow to make 7,500 cream teas with help from a team of Japanese workers in an alien kitchen.

Speaking on their return, Sara recalled how the queues seemed to go on forever as they both toiled to quench the demand for Devon cream teas.

In addition to showing their Japanese customers how to eat cream teas the proper Devon way, they even took copies of The Moorlander newspaper to add to the Devon feel.

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