Making a rescued dog’s journey a little less bumpy in Devon

Laura White
Laura White

A bumpy lane in Devon is causing some real problems for dog rescue charity Forever Hounds Trust, which has recently set up a new Homing and Welfare Centre near Cullompton.

The only access to the new Centre is via 438 metres of what could be the bumpiest lane in Devon! There are so many potholes, dips and ruts that it is proving a real challenge to get vehicles up and down there. Every visitor, both hound and human, gets shaken about.

Plans are afoot to remedy the situation, but the charity, which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes greyhounds and lurchers, needs to raise almost £6,500 to cover the costs. Staff at the centre have put together a light-hearted video to encourage donations.

The video follows them as they attempt to deliver two cups of tea and a plate of jelly to the centre, a mission that has to be aborted when the tea spills and the jelly ends up in the footwell of the van!

Forever Hounds Trust have been rescuing greyhounds and lurchers for 25 years. In November, 2020, they opened the first Forever Hounds Trust Centre for Homing and Welfare near Cullompton, Devon. The centre cares for sick, injured and homeless greyhounds and lurchers until they are ready for their forever home.

Centre Manager, Caron Lane, says: “Dogs come to us from all over the UK, and after being transported they then have to go over our lumpy, bumpy road without understanding what is going on. Some of the dogs that come to us are sick and injured, and others are returning to the centre after visiting the vets for treatment or operations and it’s far from ideal for them to then be jostled about for the last 438 metres.

‘It’s not a particularly exciting project to be raising money for, but it is an essential one. It’s not just our dogs who will be much more comfortable once we can get the lane fixed.

‘All our staff and volunteers are shaken about every time they come and go, and some of our visitors have been unable to get their vehicles down the lane at all! It will be a real relief when it’s smoothed out.”

You can view the video the team have made here:

You can donate to the project by visiting

The huge increase in demand for pets during the pandemic hasn’t helped one lonely dog. Connor, a three-year-old greyhound currently in the care of Forever Hounds Trust, has been waiting for the right forever home for more than a year.

Connor has some special requirements of his adopters, which is making his quest for a home harder than for some of his canine pals. Connor needs a home with no other animals or any young children.

He also needs someone to be at home most of the time, and he likes to be walked somewhere away from other dogs, particularly those that are off lead and might run up to him.

Caron explains: “Connor had some physical problems early on that meant he was very under-nourished. This led to some behavioural issues around food and him stealing non-edible items and trying to eat them. After some veterinary investigations we have found the right diet for him and he has now put on weight and his behaviour around food is much improved.

‘He is a really lovely, affectionate and excitable boy and will make a wonderful companion for the right person. He loves people and is always keen to meet visitors. He is clean in the house, happy to go on car journeys and walks well on the lead. Connor really is a very sweet boy who has struggled due to physical issues. But now that these problems are under control, he really deserves a second chance with patient and understanding adopters who will love him for his quirks!”

The charity rescues dogs from some dire situations, which mean that
some of the animals need a lot of physical or emotional rehabilitation to ready them for life as a much-loved pet. An expert team work at the newly-opened centre in Devon, putting together individual training programmes for the dogs and ensuring any veterinary needs are met.

The charity also offer excellent support for all their adopters. Caron says: “We really want to see all our dogs in a forever home and we offer comprehensive post-homing support to help achieve this.

‘Our team of behaviourists are on hand to help with any difficulties, not just in the first few days and weeks, but for the lifetime of the dog. Our dogs go home with everything they will need, including a training plan, advice on what diet best suits them, and even a correctly fitted harness and lead.”

If you think you could be the right person to adopt Connor, or one of the other greyhounds or lurchers being cared for by Forever Hounds Trust, please contact the charity by calling 03000 125 125 or emailing

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