Laura White
Laura White

Meet PC Daisy the Ivybridge police station cat.

The members of Ivybridge Police have adopted her into the force.

Daisy walked into the police station one day 11 years ago and made herself right at home, although Daisy’s owner lives across the road Daisy seems to prefer the company of the boys and girls in blue.

She has her own bed at the police station and an enclosed kennel outside to shelter in, PC Daisy’s pay is food and toys for her to play with which the other PC’s buy out of their own money.

Recently PC Tamsyn Dingley, who has been based at Ivybridge Police station for the last eight years, noticed a swelling on Daisy’s face, so she was taken to the vet to get it checked. One PCSO paid for the treatment and another member of staff paid for the antibiotics and after the vet gave the feline PC a free check-up PC Daisy is now back on duty at Ivybridge Police Station.

PC Dingley said: “She is well-loved and enjoys playing in the leaves, you can call her and she emerges from the bushes”.

Villagers have set up collection pots for PC Daisy to help with any care she might need in the future. PC Daisy is now 14, so getting on a bit, but is still the star of the Ivybridge Police Facebook page, staff at the police station often post photographs of PC Daisy.

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