Moor Than Tors – Dartmoor

Laura White
Laura White

Photographs by Richard Fox

A double season photographic exhibition celebrating the national park.

I have been an obsessive-compulsive landscape photographer since 2012. Living on the very edge of Dartmoor has meant that I have spent most my spare time, when not at work as a vet, or trail running, scouting the park for new locations or compositions.

Dartmoor is very much a working landscape with much of it devoted to, or relying on farming in one way or another, and although best known for its tors, and perhaps its prison, there is much moor to this national park than meets the eye.

I guess I put myself in the category of a traditionalist landscape photographer. I have dabbled in the odd seascape, a bit of astrophotography and the odd bit of long exposure but we often gravitate to what we find most visually pleasing, and for me this is golden light, a captivating vista or nice atmospheric optics like rainbows or the odd fog bow.

This often means getting up very early or going to bed very late, often before and after work. Living so close to this national park as I do is so valuable. Having an intimate knowledge of a locality, and understanding of its unique weather patterns, helps me acquire a greater variety of compositions and situations.

Of particular interest to me are misty and foggy conditions, perhaps not only for their visual splendour, but also for the challenge, to be in the right place at the right time.

Many of my fellow photographers have encouraged and supported me to present my body of work as an exhibition. I’ve often heard photographers saying that curation is the most challenging aspect for them, when exhibiting their work, and I would certainly agree. It can be hard to choose your favourite images, and be objective, but also perhaps have your audience in mind especially when you are also selling your work; there is much more to Dartmoor than just big chunks of granite.

The prints are on display at the Dartmoor National Park visitor’s centre, Tavistock Road, Princetown, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 6QF and is open to the public from 10am to 3.30pm Tuesday to Sunday. Entry is free.

For more information you can visit my website > Moor Than Tors or go to the National Park website

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