Morning Post – Saturday 9th March 1850 – Taken from Devonshire Chronicle

Laura White
Laura White


On Saturday week last, Mr William Rattenbury, of Hatherleigh, having occasion to attend Okehampton market, during the time he was there he often felt as if some person was touching him on the shoulder, which made him look round several times to the bystanders, wondering to himself that he could not pass along the market quiet without being annoyed in such a manner.

On his return home in the evening he called at the New Inn, Hatherleigh, and he was no sooner in the house before he was again assaulted in like manner as he was at Okehampton.

He was wondering to himself what it could be that followed him, as he had not felt the sensation since he left Okehampton, until he came at the New Inn.

He then determined to find out the mystery, threw off his coat, and inside his shirt sleeve, on the shoulder, it appeared as if that something was alive; he then thrust his hand into his bosom with astonishment, and, lo and behoId! it was a full grown mouse, that had accompanied him throughout the day for the distance of sixteen miles.

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