MP welcomes renewed focus on music education for every child

Ross Tibbles
Ross Tibbles

Central Devon MP Mel Stride has welcomed a renewed focus from the Government on ensuring every child has the opportunity to play an instrument and progress their musical interests and talents. The UK’s first National Plan for Music Education was published in 2011 and after a consultation involving thousands of parents, teachers and students and young people, it has been refreshed for 2022, with the updated plan released last week. While most opportunities will be provided through the education system, these will be complimented by extra-curricular activities.

Mr Stride said: “Music is an important way for young people to express themselves and opens the door to a wide range of creative careers. Learning about and creating music must be accessible to every child and not just the privilege of those with parents who can afford private tuition. Updating the National Plan for Music Education to reflect technological improvements and the impact of the pandemic is a very welcome move.”

Within the plan, key features of high-quality school music provision are outlined as:

  • timetabled curriculum music of at least one hour a week for key stages 1-3;
  • access to lessons across a range of instruments;
  • a school choir and/or vocal ensemble;
  • a school ensemble/band/group;
  • space for rehearsals and individual practice;
  • a termly school performance;
  • opportunity to enjoy live performance at least once a year.
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