Laura White
Laura White

Photograph by Myles Pinkney

Myles Pinkney is home from university and has been out on Dartmoor with his camera and tripod taking more stunning photographs for The Moorlander.

This time Myles, a 20 year old photographer, has been to Foggintor where there once was a vast quarry that employed over 400 people mining granite.

Foggintor Quarry was decommissioned over 80 years ago and nature has had time to reclaim her own and turn it back into a spectacular landscape with a vast rugged pit filled with very cold clear water.

Foggintor Quarry was one of the three great quarries of Dartmoor, the other two being Merrivale and Haytor. During the 1840s Foggintor Quarry granite was used to build major London landmarks including Nelson’s Column and London Bridge. Locally its granite was used to build Dartmoor Prison in Princetown.

Foggintor Quarry started production around 1820 and was finally decommissioned in 1932. The granite it provided for Britain was some of its finest building material.

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