Off roading clamp down on Dartmoor

Laura White
Laura White

In a multi-agency clamp down on the use of illegal 4×4’s and scrambler bikes, which are tearing up tracks and causing damage and frightening livestock, the Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA), Police and Trading Standards were out last weekend to try and stop these people trashing Dartmoor.

Rob Steemson of DNPA said: “You can see the tracks where we have had problems with 4×4’s and scrambler bikes coming and ripping up the moor, they have also had an illegal bonfire here. The whole area is getting hammered.” Special Chief Supt Andy Turner said: “There’s up to 12 motorbikes at times, they don’t slow down for horses and they cut fences.”

This operation is the first and this multi-agency task force will be out again in the coming months to clamp down on this destruction of Dartmoor.

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