Laura White
Laura White


Whichever side of the Brexit debate you sit on it will mean an unpredictable future for farms and farmers who will see a dramatic change.

Nicky Wood who has just finished a photography course at Exeter College has been doing a photographic project documenting the day to day lives of lamb and beef farmers on Dartmoor, capturing Dartmoor hill farming during this time of uncertainty.

While these hardy farmers are hesitant about the future, life on the farm must go on as normal for there are animals to feed and land to manage.

With Dartmoor being famous for its more traditional methods of husbandry, Nicky Wood’s photographic essay celebrates the devotion of the Dartmoor hill farmers to their livestock and landscape and tries to capture the highs and lows of farming in its truest form.

This project has won awards and been exhibited widely.

This project was exhibited at the Free Range show in London 2017 under Plymouth University, which collectively won the Best Collective award.

The project was also awarded the Sustainable Research Student Prize from Plymouth University in 2017.

‘Swaling on the Chagford Commons, a Portrait of Andrew Davis’ was the winner of the Sustainable Earth Institute Photography Prize 2017.

This year the project was shortlisted for the Emerge Photography Prize 2018.

Image Captions:

1. Swaling on the Chagford Commons, a Portrait of Andrew Davis

2. Julie Williams assists a difficult birth, Narracombe Farm

3. Matt Cole herding sheep using quad and a dog, Greenwell Farm

4. Matt Cole with his Belted Galloways, Greenwell Farm

5. Three sheepdogs on the back on a quad, Radge Far

6. Volunteer Richard checks on the newborn lambs, Blackaton Manor Farm

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