Paw Prints: Caring for your pets in the dark. Be safe, be seen!

Jackie Morris
Jackie Morris

Now the nights are drawing in, thoughts are turning to how to keep your pet safe.

For your dog or cat perhaps a reflective collar is an option. When walking your dog, a high visibility waistcoat, or reflective strips on your own coat to warn drivers that you are there is advisable.

You can buy leads and collars that have lights on them. By having a reflective collar or an LED light on them if they should wander off, they are easier to find.

Always carry a torch, better still wear a head torch so that you have both hands free. It is always best to keep your dog on a lead, other dogs might be more nervous in the dark, you need to be more aware of joggers and cyclists, potholes and litter can cause problems if street lighting is poor (or non-existent).

Cats can see better than us in the dark or dim light, have an excellent sense of smell and can detect higher frequencies of sound even more so than dogs, but if your cat goes out hunting at night, a reflective collar can help to keep them safe from danger.

You can buy reflective collars for ponies, to help prevent accidents, although it does not stop all accidents we can all take measures to protect our pets in the dim, dark and sometimes foggy weather to come.

Don’t just look out for your pet, remember to make sure that you can be seen too!