Plans for all new Proper Job

Laura White
Laura White

For 20 years Proper Job Resource Centre on the outskirts of Chagford has operated in temporary buildings and shipping containers.

On Monday, 21st October, new plans for a state of the art new resource centre will be unveiled and displayed at the Jubilee Hall in the town, with comments from the public and townspeople sought on the proposed plans before an application is made to Dartmoor National Park Authority planning department.

Proper Job was started 20 years ago as a community composting scheme but now is a much-loved and well-used re-use and recycling centre. It recently expanded to open a shop, Uptown, in the town centre that sells reused, recycled and second hand products as well as quality pre-loved clothes. Proper Job also runs the Courtyard Café in Chagford, making it a major employer in the town.

Alison Sallis, the CEO of Proper Job, said: “The collection of temporary buildings in the beginning sprung up as the demand grew so quickly but now many are in a state of disrepair, this means refurbishing the site.”

The plans have been drawn up by local architect O’Brien Van der Steen Workshops. “Proper Job have people from all over the country visiting the resource centre to see what we do and how we do it, and we also hold workshops for people most Saturdays, but we intend to keep the atmosphere and ethos of the original idea – still friendly and quirky,” said Alison.

Funding will be sought from Power to Change, a trust supporting community businesses.

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